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Last update: Sun, 23 April 2017
     The WaveTech Natural Gas Expander /Generator is based on the patented WaveTech Coupling, a linear-to-rotational connection that eliminates the crankshaft and increases the efficiency of converting linear motion to an increased amount of rotational power from virtually any pressure source
     The WaveTech Coupling accomplishes this by utilizing a double helical cam configuration that for the first time provides practical control over the “Volume vs. Time” profile of a piston within its cylinder. This enables the “Power-Band” of each power stroke to start at nearly the very beginning of the stroke and last for nearly its full duration with fewer parasitic losses. This extra “degree of freedom” in design and functionality allows for significantly more useful work output from a much smaller size, weight or cost configuration compared to other possible devices

     For example, not only are turbines extremely expensive, but the support systems necessary for them to function properly in this application, such as pre-heaters and extensive filtering and control systems, are also very costly. These very high costs severely limit turbines feasibility (and therefore use) for this application and keeps them from being competitive with the WaveTech unit

     The leading advantage of our device over crank based expanders (such as modified steam or IC engines) is the WT expander’s single rotating cylinder made possible by its linear and rotational axes being in line with each other - unlike a crankshaft’s linear to rotational axes being 90 degrees to one another. This allows our device to be much smaller and simpler and eliminates the valve train, thereby greatly reducing manufacturing, operations and service costs and greatly simplifies maintenance procedures.

     The WaveTech ExGen is fully scalable from onsite power generation units up to megawatt sized utility power generation, and is perfectly suited for generating power from the pressure energy from natural gas, concentrated solar, geothermal, waste heat from large data centers, or virtually any other application where a significant pressure or heat differential already exists or can be created

The potential market for this new product is in the tens of thousands of units

WaveTech Natural Gas Expander/Generator

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