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Last update: Sun, 23 April 2017
WaveTech's next step is to finish the full development and building of the Natural Gas Expander/Generator Pilot Unit to Technology Readiness Level 7 (TRL 7), which is a fully operational Pilot Unit operating in the field in a real-world environment

This development stage is expected to take around two years and includes the beginning processes of getting full certification of all the different materials and components completed to meet the legal requirements necessary to mass enter this new technology into the market
Having a full functioning and certified pilot unit operating in the field should enable WaveTech« to start marketing the Expander/Generator for licensing and secure a large manufacturing partner. Merger or acquisition by a larger company is also contemplated

Other potential product developments under consideration are: Large Data Center waste-heat conversion to power, Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSTP) systems, Internal Combustion (IC) engines, heat engines, compressors, compressed air motors, pumps, Stirling engines and more

WaveTech Natural Gas Expander/Generator

Next Steps
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