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Last update: Sun, 23 April 2017
     An expander is a device that converts the energy from an “external” pressure source into rotational power - as compared to an IC engine, in which fuel is burned to create pressure internally

     The WaveTech Expander/Generator is a new device specifically being developed to convert the pressure energy within natural gas at the wellheads and distribution end of the main pipelines into electricity without burning the gas itself

     At the center of this new device is WaveTech’s patented Linear-to-Rotational coupling designed to achieve maximum efficiency through an increased conversion of linear piston motion to rotational power

     The gas companies ability to produce electricity from a previously untapped source of free energy, combined with a lower projected price point for the equipment, means shorter “payback time” compared to alternative power options. Because this ExGen production technology is carbon-neutral, it’s also considered “green energy”

     This unique combination allows the WaveTech expander/generator to help solve both operating cost and ecological concerns affecting the natural gas industry
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WaveTech Natural Gas Expander/Generator